Any authorized user can access the online materials immediately during recording, and process it for his own purposes. This creates an extremely rapid way to distribute event video to numerous channels.

Online Media Libary workflow


OML records an unlimited amount of signals, and has a special interface for communicating with EVS machines in your workflow. It recognizes all network clips and imports them into projects with metadata to be used by the project TC. All image sequences created in the OML have easy playback, and workflow is guaranteed in both directions.

Keyboard/Metadata LiveLogging
All the generated data is labeled with specially designed keyboards and brought into a uniform shape during the live transmission.
All names and data never stored incorrectly and by linking the database (your official databases)with timing reference, all data is stored on the same level.
The result is a unified, intelligent database where simple searches can be made immediately, growing in value for future research work.
Using specially developed keyboard interfaces for different databases allows easy access to the metadata. All levels of meaningful stock data generates available metadata for online users, so duplicate stocks and incorrect entries are no longer possible.
ENG Material
can also be easily imported, and all incurred timecode images or imported project data can be stored. The OML merges all the different data sets with each other and their central input module.
All kind of Data
All data generated live, in addition to videos, can be recorded easily. For example, all intermediate times, sector times, tracking data, GPS data, etc., can be recorded in the project.



Live Streaming
All images that enter the OML, whether live or via file import, are shown with their associated metadata in the stream. Resulting projects can be presented clearly.
Sozial Media
Operate all social media channels in an instant. Access to live logged pictures allows you to quickly share on channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
App Clients
Record video on digital devices, such as Android or iPhone, with new second screen combinations and offer enhanced content for traditional users. Fresh imagery can be quickly and easily placed on client apps so the client can create and deploy useful content.
TV Channels
IPTV channels are permanently recorded, restructured and organized using simple names.
Edit / Playouts
Cut playlists and find scenes simply. The OML software reduces repeated hold and time-consuming copy operations.


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On side you bring all data you have in the same timecode in one project together. It is easy to ingest as many HD Signals, GPS Data, timeceeping, EVS Clips, ENG Clips, … as you want in the fileCAST Online Media Library.
The online streaming with all metadata allows you in the meantime with your standard Internetbrowser to search, cut and edit the material in different quality standards.
The innovative software with simple tools gives your company a chance to distribute the content very fast into your channels.

OML - Aufzeichen OML - Vertrieb