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The fileCAST Online Media Library is a versatile platform that allows ingesting, editing, logging, storing, searching, and delivering digital content to multiple users in real time. The OML Software enables fast search and retrieval of relevant video content from anywhere in the world. It is an innovative tool that allows up to 100 users working on news bulletins or feature stories to simultaneously search for and work with video.



Web Service
Web services are web application components. Web services can be published, found, and used on the Web.
Spezial Lösungen
Integrate various databases and link all relevant data with the metadata. All data remains unaltered and is logical and sensible to search.
GPS Daten
GPS, Marshaling, or timekeeping data will be linked in the system and can be displayed in different compositions, e.g., on second screens.
Repositories and archives with different data sets can be easily integrated into the OML. Whether it is old video footage or high-definition footage, the OML is able to accept and integrate any kind of video into the workflow.
Event Daten
fileCAST OML keeps your event data accurate and secure. No need to merge online and late entry databases, as even late corrections to the database made at packet pickup enable your timing company to quickly and easily resolve all issues, extracting the updated data at the close of late registration.
fileCAST integrale all your different databases in one




Live Streaming
All images that enter the OML, whether live or via file import, are shown with their associated metadata in the stream. Resulting projects can be presented clearly.
Sozial Media
Operate all social media channels in an instant. Access to live logged pictures allows you to quickly share on channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
App Clients
Record video on digital devices, such as Android or iPhone, with new second screen combinations and offer enhanced content for traditional users. Fresh imagery can be quickly and easily placed on client apps so the client can create and deploy useful content.
TV Channels
IPTV channels are permanently recorded, restructured and organized using simple names.
Schnitt / Layouts
Cut playlists and find scenes simply. The OML software reduces repeated hold and time-consuming copy operations.




Format Conversion
You determine the desired format and transcoding process. The OML works in the background to organize the content into the right format.
Create simple templates for rapid discovery of cuts and news play-out. Format the content through content sequences and content-relevant tasks.
New Content
Create easy brand new content with new pictures in your films or play outs.



OML-control-featuresCheck all access rights, user groups, projects, content and more with the fileCAST Online Media Library. Authorized user activity is registered, and user behavior and trends are determined quickly. All image rights are governed and controlled, and licenses and their maturities are clearly presented and


OML-ingest-featuresOML records an unlimited amount of signals, and has a special interface for communicating with EVS machines in your workflow. It recognizes all network clips and imports them into projects with metadata to be used by the project TC. All image sequences created in the OML have easy playback, and workflow is guaranteed in both directions.

ENG Material
can also be easily imported.
All generated data is labeled with specially designed keyboards and brought into a uniform shape during the live transmission. Names and data are never stored incorrectly and by linking your official databases with timing reference, all data is stored on the same level. Using specially developed keyboard interfaces for different databases allows easy access to the metadata. All qualities of meaningful stock data generates available metadata for online users, so duplicate stocks and incorrect entries are no longer possible.
Any type of Data
All live data, in addition to videos, can be recorded easily. For example, all intermediate times, sector times, tracking data, GPS data, etc., can be recorded in the project.




  • Quality Control
  • Flexible Workflow
  • Legal Control
  • Data Conversion
  • Transcoding processes
  • ……
make it easy
Create an efficient workflow by automating your processes. Store commands and distribute direct materials. Repeated touching of the same content is excluded.


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  • All data generated with the same timecode stamp will be recorded on site and linked to each other. The system stores video and data and provides an “intelligent” combination for future requests — making it easy to find and restructure the materials again.


  • Any authorized user can access materials online during the recording and process it for his own purposes, thus creating extremely rapid distribution into new channels.
  • All generated data is labeled with specially designed keyboards and brought into a uniform shape during the live transmission. Names are never stored incorrectly, and by linking the database with timing reference, all data is stored on the same level. The result is a unified, intelligent database where simple searches can be made immediately, growing in value for future research work.


  • All recorded data is available and archived at various quality levels, creating a growing intelligent data archive and making it easy to find scenes and play them again. The result is a seamless tape archive, available for all forms of distribution.
  • Bring all of your project data into one place with one timecode. You can easily ingest as many HD Signals, GPS Data, Timekeeping, EVS Clips, ENG Clips, etc. as you need in the fileCAST Online Media Library.
  • While developing your project, you can access and online stream all metadata via your standard browser in order to search, cut, and edit the material in different quality standards.
  • By accessing the EVS network in the OBVan, it is possible to visualize material which was not broadcasted and to include it in new and different edits. All images are stored in the library and can be used by anyone at any time. While this material is normally removed from EVS servers, it is gaining a new importance and useful when creating new content.
  • Our innovative software and simple tools gives your company the chance to distribute your content quickly on any channel.

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