The fileCAST OML is a versatile platform that allows ingesting, editing, logging, storing, searching, and delivering digital content to multiple users in real time. The fileCAST OML ingests ALL Data – logs it LIVE, shares it, stores it, edits it and allows for easy distribution from your browser.

Feeds coming from any source, be it from OB or DSNG vans, or ENG, are captured and stored in a single archive. Utilizing EVS’s IP Web-browser technology, the fileCAST OML Software enables fast search and retrieval of relevant video content from anywhere in the world. It is an innovative tool that allows up to 100 users working on news bulletins or feature stories to simultaneously search for and work with video.

OML provides for fast edits of video content (highlights, summaries, interviews, packages, etc) and delivery upon user request, including to OB vans operating at live events.

The online streaming with all metadata allows you in the meantime with your standard Internetbrowser to search, cut and edit the material in different quality standards.

The innovative software with simple tools gives your company a chance to distribute the content very fast into your channels.

fileCAST Online Media Library – Software

  • Ingest ALL Data (all Formats)
  • log it LIVE
  • share it
  • store it
  • Easily Edit
  • Quickly Distribute
  • Create New Content
  • Control Rights, Licenses, Metadata, Reports, …
  • Automate Transcodings and workflows

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