fileCAST Access (fCA)

With your standard browser, you can stream your content with metadata to search, cut and edit your material in different video qualities.

Any authorized user can access the online materials immediately during recording, and process it for his own purposes. It is the tool that allows users working on stories to simultaneously, search and work with video, edit and re-distribute.

fileCAST Access – Web Client

The Search function allows you browsing all your content by any of the metadata. Select your event, your feed and use keywords search to filter and sort clips.


The unique timeline features allows you to see all clips such as cameras, highlights, slo-motions at one glance. Allowing you to easy navigate thru the project and make sure you capture the action from the best angle.


All your selected content is organized in a project. With the integrated assed cutter you can already organize your clips in a playlist and distribute right from there. Want to send a EDL to your Avid Cutters, send a highlight clip back to your EVS XTaccess network or add your clip directly to a Youtube Channel. Everything in one interface.