Innovative Software that captures all your data

fileCAST believes in the comprehensive preservation of unique events, allowing accessibility and visualization for everyone, everywhere - enabling immediate distribution of the most valuable content into different plattforms.

fileCAST has an in-depth understanding of existing workflow in the broadcast industry and is driven by a constant improvement of making the best use of live content as early as ever possible.

fileCAST saves all event related data in one central location, to allow in-depth multi-language access for authorized individuals with a connection to the central server from anywhere in the world.

Therefore fileCAST will revolutionize file handling and archiving workflows in the broadcasting industry for more efficiency and significantly reduce delivery times for all various platforms and formats.

fileCAST serves sports rightsholders such as international sports federations as well as plattform owners and marketeers.


All recorded data are available in various quality levels and will also

be archived in that way. This results in the generationof a steadily growing intelligent data archive which makes it easy to find scenes and to play them again.

The result is a seamless tape archive, which is available for all forms of distribution.

The fileCAST Online Media Library Software enables fast search and retrieval of relevant video content from anywhere in the world. This creates an extremely rapid way to distribute event video to numerous channels.



All the generated data is labeled with specially designed keyboards and brought into a uniform shape during the live transmission. All names and data never stored incorrectly and bylinking the database with timing reference, all data is stored on the same level.

This component is for pure and advanced automation.


Bring all of your data into one project, with the same timecode, on site.

fileCAST's Data Record System ingests as many HDSDI Signals, GPS Data, Time-keeping, EVS Clips, ENG Clips, etc. as the projects needs quickly and easily.



With your standard browser, you can stream your content with metadata to search, cut and edit your material in different video qualities.

Any authorized user can access the online materials immediately during recording, and process it for his own purposes.

It is an innovative tool that allows users working on stories to simultaneously search for and work with video.

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